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How It Works

In my professional life, I have always abided by the principle, “If it’s not fun and profitable, what the hell are you doing in the business?” However, for me, profit is no longer just about the money. If you are a Twelve Step group, intergroup, committee, or something similar, I am here to help. I will take on a project that should be challenging as well as stimulating, as I owe my life and personal and business success to groups like yours. That’s my profit.

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Building your web presence,
step by step.

The Collaborative Process: 

With your vision as our guide, we’ll bring your website to life through careful design and development. I’ll provide expert guidance on layout, style, functionality, and content, but your active participation is essential. 

Initial Consultation (Free)

Let’s get acquainted! During this no-cost consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, target audience, and desired website experience. We’ll define your content needs, explore design styles, and ensure we’re on the same page. This discovery phase typically takes two hours, and you’re encouraged to come prepared with any existing website preferences or references. The initial consultation may take a couple of in-person or remote meetups. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Layout and Mock-Up:

With your vision as our guide, we’ll bring your website to life through careful design and development. I’ll provide expert guidance on layout, style, functionality, and content, but your active participation is essential. You will be responsible for supplying initial content drafts and contributing to or collaborating on image selection and design decisions. Together, we will refine the site’s architecture and establish a clear roadmap for development. I dedicate up to 6 hours to this stage at no cost, with any additional time pre-approved and billed at $40 per hour.

This is the point of commitment. I will be purchasing hosting on SiteGround hosting (siteground.com/), a license for the basic web development tools, and cloud space for backup. Those costs are not-refundable for me, so a full deposit will be needed to start the project.

At completion, we will have a preliminary concept of the content and style of the website and an idea of what the ongoing cost of the project will be. 

Development and Launch:

Now the magic happens! The hosting setup and required tools will be purchased, and development will begin. We start with the homepage, crafting it according to your feedback. We move on with any additional pages, making sure they align with the vision. You will be informed throughout and be able to review progress. I expect to spend 6 to 10 hours on a three-page website; additional time will also be approved by you and billed at $40 per hour. 

On completion, you will have a fully functional website ready to launch.

Delivery and Maintenance:

Before going live, your website will undergo a thorough review for accessibility, search engine optimization, and overall polish. I’ll ensure your site adheres to best practices and is readily discoverable online. To maintain optimal performance and security, I offer a comprehensive annual maintenance plan that includes hosting renewal, domain registration, software licensing, regular updates, backups, and two hours of free monthly support. This investment in your online presence guarantees peace of mind and ongoing support, all for an annual cost equivalent to the initial setup. Additional projects will be bid based on the $40 per hour rate.

The first year of maintenance has been covered by your deposit, which paid for the setup and needed tools. Thereafter, the same costs are incurred by the required annual licensing by the vendors.

Investing in Your Mission

I understand that budgets are important, so I create personalized plans to fit your specific needs and financial constraints. My initial setup will range from $400 to $800, giving you a year of strong website presence and laying the foundation for online success. Here’s a breakdown of the core basics of what’s included in the first year:

  • Domain name: $25
  • Secure and reliable site hosting: $180
  • User-friendly website editor: $100
  • Essential development tools and plugins: $140
  • Automated backup and recovery for peace of mind: $50
  • Basic search engine optimization to get your website seen: $40

These costs are annual, making budgeting predictable. And if you need additional services like content creation, graphic design, or social media management, I offer flexible hourly rates. The cost is based on the single-user license for each vendor’s tool. I may opt for a multi-user license that will reduce my costs. These savings are used for education and evaluating new tools.

Let's Start Connecting

I’m confident that I can help your Twelve Step group or organization achieve its online goals. Let’s schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision and explore how a new website can empower your Twelve Step community mission.