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Building Websites that Support Recovery

From vacuum tubes to WordPress, my career has been a journey through the evolution of technology in medicine. One principle has remained my constant: always undercommit and overdeliver.

Early on, I saw computers as hope for better healthcare. They were fast, reliable, and unaffected by human limitations. In the ’70s, I built a time-shared system used in leading medical institutions like the University of Utah. Later, I developed cardiac and ICU monitoring systems. These experiences cemented my belief in technology’s power to heal.

I helped found a company that delivered computer systems that grew and prospered. Yet, my true calling wasn’t in corporate climbing; it was in the code that I found my rewards. So, I left and embraced new challenges. After rising to become a system architect for a multi-million-dollar laboratory company, I retired. Such challenges led me to help a local Twelve Steps group that needed a website. Armed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I dove into the world of the internet. I’ve been a friend of Bill W. for more than 40 years, and doing this website was a small payback for what I had been given. This led to the building of websites for my wife’s church and others.

Today, I dedicate my passion to creating websites for 12-Step communities like yours. I bring decades of experience and technical expertise, but more importantly, I understand the unique needs of recovery. Your website should be a safe haven, a platform for sharing experience, strength, and hope.

I offer more than just pixels and code. I offer:

  • Empathy and understanding: I’ve seen the struggles and triumphs of countless individuals on the path to recovery.

  • Accessibility and functionality: Your website should be easy to navigate and optimized for all devices.

  • Security and privacy: I prioritize data protection and ensure a safe online environment for your community.

  • Beautiful and inviting design: Your website should be a reflection of your community’s spirit, offering a sense of belonging and optimism.
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Back in my C, C++ Days

Let's build a website for hope and healing.

Ready to build a website that empowers your recovery community? Let's talk! Get a free consultation and discover how I can help you create a digital space that fosters connection, support, and lasting healing. We can make it happen. It will take a good bit of work by both of us. But it will happen.